GKrellKam Scripts

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GKrellKam scripts are not lists- they are executables that can dynamically select an image for display.

GKrellKam scripts can do anything- they only need to finish by outputting the complete filename of a local image file, optionally terminated with whitespace (returns, spaces, etc). They should not output the filename until the filename is ready to be loaded, i.e., if it needs to be downloaded or created, do that first, then output the name.

If the script encounters an error, and doesn't know what to do, it can output nothing and exit. GKrellKam will use the current image and try again when it's time for another update.

To tell GKrellKam to use your script after version 0.2.3, you can put the full pathname to your script in the Image Source box, along with its parameters, or you can put "-x <program> <parameters>" in the box if it's already in your path.

The script can take as long as it needs to, but keep in mind that the current image will stay there until your script is finished, and only then will the counter restart. For example, if I have GKrellKam set to update every minute, but the script takes 3 minutes to download a picture, then an update will really only occur every 4 minutes.

For a good example of what a script can do, see the source for the krellkam_load script from earlier GKrellKam versions.